An Interview with John Yunker: Writer, Publisher, & Activist

One decade ago John Yunker co-founded Ashland Creek Press, an independent, vegan-owned publisher of environmental and animal rights literature, with his partner Midge Raymond. Yunker has authored two novels, The Tourist Trail and Where the Oceans Hide Their Dead; edited three anthologies, Among Animals, Among Animals 2, and Writing for Animals; and written several playsContinue reading “An Interview with John Yunker: Writer, Publisher, & Activist”

Vegan Book Club Moderator Picks

Tessa Altman joins Tofu Reader with her favorite titles from Vegan Book Club, the online community dedicated to vegan-related and animal-friendly literature and discussion. Check out Tessa’s book picks and commentary below! Tessa Altman: As a vegan, it’s almost impossible to pick up a book – especially a novel – and see yourself represented inContinue reading “Vegan Book Club Moderator Picks”

Book Review: The Everything Easy Vegan Cookbook

As veganism grows in popularity, the amount of literature on vegan cooking grows exponentially. With this sort of landscape, it can be difficult for a vegan cookbook to stand out. Luckily, The Everything Easy Vegan Cookbook by Diane K. Smith proves to be a solid resource for those aspiring to incorporate animal product-free recipes intoContinue reading “Book Review: The Everything Easy Vegan Cookbook”

Vegan & Vegetarian Authors of Classic Literature: 20th Century Edition

Influential vegans and vegetarians have contributed to the critical analysis of meat consumption for decades. There are many examples of animal rights as a theme across the literary landscape. Listed here are just a few notable names of vegan and vegetarian authors predominately active during the 20th Century. Upton Sinclair Perhaps most renowned for hisContinue reading “Vegan & Vegetarian Authors of Classic Literature: 20th Century Edition”

Book Review: Why Veganism Matters

Animal rights scholar and proponent of the abolitionist approach Gary L. Francione returns with his latest book, Why Veganism Matters: The Moral Value of Animals. In Why Veganism Matters Francione purports that the only means of ending nonhuman animal exploitation is to give nonhuman animals the rights associated with personhood. Francione explains that nonhuman animalsContinue reading “Book Review: Why Veganism Matters”

Book Review: The Joyful Vegan

Though many vegans consider veganism a lifelong commitment, others find themselves struggling to not revert back to old habits of consuming animal flesh and fluids. Rather than adding another text to the vegan spectrum on how or why to become vegan, notable vegan activist Colleen Patrick-Goudreau writes a guide on how to stay vegan. AwakeningContinue reading “Book Review: The Joyful Vegan”

Stephanie Jane: “Finally a Vegan”

In Stephanie Jane’s first published memoir, Finally a Vegan: My journey to Veganuary and beyond, she recounts her experience during the annual, month-long vegan challenge and its impact. Jane shares her triumphs, failures, and some great recipes. What do you find most fulfilling about being vegan?  Stephanie Jane: For me, the knowledge that I amContinue reading “Stephanie Jane: “Finally a Vegan””

Vegan Cookbooks for Reluctant Cooks

If you are like me and struggle with even the most basic recipes, a vegan cookbook can be pretty overwhelming. Ingredients you’ve never heard of, long lists of instructions, and cooking techniques you’ve never used before. Keeping in mind that every vegan should be empowered to create their own plant-based meals, there are plenty ofContinue reading “Vegan Cookbooks for Reluctant Cooks”

Book Review: Always Too Much and Never Enough

In Always Too Much and Never Enough, vegan activist Jasmin Singer writes about her relationship with food, body image, and the falsehoods perpetuated by the American food industry. As Singer’s first published memoir, this book is quite a feat. Singer’s writing is humorous, honest, and very often heartbreaking.  Singer’s description of life as someone who constantly facesContinue reading “Book Review: Always Too Much and Never Enough”

Book Review: Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian’s Survival Handbook

Published in 2001, Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian’s Survival Handbook, is purported to be a much-needed text offering real-life advice to vegetarians facing resistance from omnivores. The book revolves around the belief that all meat-eaters are “blocked” vegetarians. Meaning that, essentially, while meat-eaters typically understand on some level that a plant-based diet is superior,Continue reading “Book Review: Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian’s Survival Handbook”