An Interview with John Yunker: Writer, Publisher, & Activist

One decade ago John Yunker co-founded Ashland Creek Press, an independent, vegan-owned publisher of environmental and animal rights literature, with his partner Midge Raymond. Yunker has authored two novels, The Tourist Trail and Where the Oceans Hide Their Dead; edited three anthologies, Among Animals, Among Animals 2, and Writing for Animals; and written several playsContinue reading “An Interview with John Yunker: Writer, Publisher, & Activist”

Book Review: Once Upon A Time We Ate Animals

When reading a new book about veganism, I always feel compelled to ask “What new light on veganism does this author have to shed?”. While reading Once Upon A Time We Ate Animals by Roanne van Voorst, I found myself returning to this question. The book provides a nonfiction account of vegan living while interspersedContinue reading “Book Review: Once Upon A Time We Ate Animals”

Book Review: Bear Boy

Justin Barker discovered his love for animals and knack for animal activism as a middle schooler living in the suburbs of Northern California. Despite school bullying, family strife, and an ongoing identity crisis, Barker was motivated to advocate for animals after picking up a copy of Ingrid Newkirk’s Kids Can Save the Animals! 101 EasyContinue reading “Book Review: Bear Boy”

An Interview with “Bear Boy” Justin Barker

Animal activist Justin Barker discovered his passion for saving animals as a young teenager. Faced with routine bullying at school, dismissive adults, and an unyielding desire to rescue animals from confinement, Barker set out to free two black bears named Brutus and Ursula from a defunct zoo in Northern California, deeming him “Bear Boy”. Now,Continue reading “An Interview with “Bear Boy” Justin Barker”

Vegan Book Club Moderator Picks

Tessa Altman joins Tofu Reader with her favorite titles from Vegan Book Club, the online community dedicated to vegan-related and animal-friendly literature and discussion. Check out Tessa’s book picks and commentary below! Tessa Altman: As a vegan, it’s almost impossible to pick up a book – especially a novel – and see yourself represented inContinue reading “Vegan Book Club Moderator Picks”

Book Review: Animals

Will Staples, the screenwriter perhaps best known for his work on the videogame Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and the upcoming Amazon Original Without Remorse, makes his first foray into novel writing with Animals. Clearly a passion project for Staples, Animals revolves around a rotating narrative of characters impacted by and participating in exoticContinue reading “Book Review: Animals”

Book Review: A Traitor to His Species

The term “animal rights advocate” tends to conjure a very specific image in most people’s minds; an outspoken, overbearing, argumentative and often affluent caricature. Though this image may not apply to the vast majority of advocates, it does describe Henry Bergh, the godfather of the animal rights movement in the United States. Author Ernest Freeberg’sContinue reading “Book Review: A Traitor to His Species”

Gretchen Primack on Poetry, Veganism, and Her New Book

Poet, educator, and indie book seller Gretchen Primack has spent years advocating for the rights and welfare of non-human animals. Primack’s latest release, Kind, is a beautiful, absolutely necessary collection of poetry exploring the relationship between humans, the environment, and animals. You currently teach poetry workshops to incarcerated persons. Do you find that there isContinue reading “Gretchen Primack on Poetry, Veganism, and Her New Book”

An Interview With Bernard Jan

Croatia-based novelist and poet Bernard Jan has written extensively about themes of animal rights, advocacy, and the relationship between humans and animals. His latest book, Cruel Summer, is about the journey of a young man trying to survive through personal trauma in a climate ravaged society. How long have you been an animal rights advocate? Continue reading “An Interview With Bernard Jan”

Book Review: The Everything Easy Vegan Cookbook

As veganism grows in popularity, the amount of literature on vegan cooking grows exponentially. With this sort of landscape, it can be difficult for a vegan cookbook to stand out. Luckily, The Everything Easy Vegan Cookbook by Diane K. Smith proves to be a solid resource for those aspiring to incorporate animal product-free recipes intoContinue reading “Book Review: The Everything Easy Vegan Cookbook”