Brigitte Gemme, founder of Vegan Family Kitchen, has released her first book on vegan cooking. The release of Flow in the Kitchen: Practices for Healthy Stress-Free Vegan Cooking is the natural next step to Vegan Family Kitchen, a podcast and subscription-based site dedicated to sharing tools and resources for nutritious, family-friendly vegan cooking. Gemme has been vegan since 2015, and in these years has created a pretty solid platform for information on vegan cooking. The Vegan Family Kitchen blog hosts a wealth of information, ranging from basic vegan meal planning advice to plant-based public health policy. 

In the same vein, Flow in the Kitchen is a guide to changing our collective mindset about meal planning and cooking. To be clear, Flow in the Kitchen is not a cookbook, it is a guide to removing stress from our meals. The concept of “flow” is about the cooking, planning, preparing, serving of, and reflection on food. Rather than heating up a pre-prepared meal or rushing through dinner, Gemme encourages readers to engage with the process. And when it comes to engagement, Gemme has a lot of great tips. 

As someone who does not find pleasure in cooking, I genuinely enjoyed a lot of Gemme’s insight. Flow in the Kitchen is a handy little guide for anyone who finds cooking stressful and is particularly helpful for vegan cooks that are hesitant to begin. For example, Gemme recommends not having your phone in the kitchen; and, yes, that includes for looking up recipes! Obsessing over following a recipe exactly is not ideal, but accepting that mistakes happen is. Similarly, Gemme recognizes the major cultural factors that have influenced the way we eat, alleviating readers of the guilt they may feel about their lacking in the kitchen. And still, there is no judgment in Gemme’s writing. Gemme writes with a tone of genuine passion for her work and a desire to share this passion with others. 

Flow in the Kitchen: Practices for Healthy Stress-Free Vegan Cooking by Brigitte Gemme

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